This game was part of the #7daydev jam and won first place

Play with a friend or alone.

You lose if: One of the circles gets too small OR you hit the bottom of the screen.

Survival tips:
- Focus on keeping the circles connected as much as possible, since they get smaller a lot faster if not connected.
- Eat the blue diamonds to get bigger.
- Use the energy pump button ("Space" for left player, "Left ctrl" for right player) to give some of your energy to the other circle.
- Prevent bumping too much into the yellow bars since you bounce off them and can lose control pretty quickly.

Left circle controls:

W A S D to move.

Space to give energy to right player

Right circle controls:

Arrow-keys to move.

Right control to give energy to left player

Published Jan 07, 2017
AuthorDaniel Bross
Made withUnity


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Hardest game ever... Thought flappy bird was hard.. Damn.. :)

Like it, and love the music..

Haha, well it may be a tad too hard, but I'm glad you liked the idea :-)